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The Server is Updated!

grizzly34 a posted Jan 2, 14
The server is now on version 1.7.4
Hello all NexusMC players, the server is now updated to 1.6.2 and is running smoothly. You can now safely update to Minecraft version 1.6.2 and log in to the server.
Thank you for your patience!
lane01 does anyone know a hunger games sever to join
deathlytoxin how do i get the server code
KOBoton I am new at this... How can I join the server??? I already have an account but dont know how to join Pls. HELP

Minecraft 1.6.2 Update

grizzly34 a posted Jul 8, 13
Sorry for the 1.6.2 update making the server incompatible but I'm waiting for a bukkit update to be able to update to 1.6.2. But, using the new client you can downgrade your client to 1.6.1 and still log on to the server until we can update it.
  The server is now updated to Minecraft version 1.6.1 so you  can now safely update your client and still log on to the server.
  In other news, please vote on the poll below the donation poll in the bottom left of the home page.

Tommy guns hey how do you start the hunger games cause idk how cause im new and I want to play
spiderwoman susu how did u even connect to the server
spiderwoman same i just wanna play some hunger games but how the heck do i do it?!?!

Forum Sections

grizzly34 a posted Dec 16, 12
So I have seen a couple people asking on the forums about why there are only 2 forum sections. The reason for this is that I feel that until we have more players and posts on the forums then there is no need to categorize the few threads we do have. Like Localism said "I'd rather have ten threads in one forum than one thread in ten forums."  That is exactly the reason I made the forums the way they are. Thanks!
24baron what does it mean by code. because I bearly got the server
Dmaster_47 HELP i payed for glod and didnt get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BsavageMC I really want to be an admin. I'm on the nexus every day. almost every game there's a person who's disrespectful, RACIST ...
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diamondking02   created a new thread i want to get unbanned plz! in the Ban Appeals forum
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AztecORNAmenthelp me play im big noob
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MAJOR_LAG_15   created a new thread Banned because of my brother in the Ban Appeals forum
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