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SkyWars is a fast-paced gamemode in which you battle it out against other players. Each player starts out on their own island in the sky and has to use the tools they're given to become the victor. It's a dangerous game, but the rewards are worth it! With each kill and each win you earn more score. Who will fight their way to the top?

The NexusMC SkyWars
SkyBlock Survival

In SkyBlock Survival, you spawn on a deserted island floating in the sky. Using the resources given to you, you can expand the island and complete all the challenges! There's even a leaderboard for the players with the best islands! You can choose to play on a variety of different island types, and even co-op! Take on the challenge, play SkyBlock Survival today!

skybraker102 For Survival Games we should have kits like, enchanter were u get 10 bottle o' enchanting bottles.Next swordsman- u get ...
hjjhii77 Yay! Many of us Nexians love to play Skywars on other servers, it'll be great to never have to leave the server now!

New Beginnings...

[Admin] grizzly34 a
grizzly34 @ NexusMC
posted Apr 23, 15

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of updating The NexusMC to Minecraft version 1.8.4. More information will be coming in the next few days.

Nunnabusinis Will I be getting my donor status back?
hjjhii77 This is The NexusMC and our address is Hope to see you there soon! ...
YoungGun0022 whats the sever name and the address plz tell me
Limited time offer
It's that time of year again guys. Yeah, you guessed it, Summer! For those of you still in school it means 3 months of vacation! To celebrate, we here at The Nexus MC decided to spread the happiness by putting many of our top-selling packages on sale starting this Friday at 12 am PST! We have also added an amazing new rank (Obsidian Donor), and a whole new shop category for purchasing private worlds for yourself or as many friends as you want! Make sure you stop by The Nexus Shop to check out all these new limited time offers!
panzerpanther32 how do you play on the nexus server
hartelcraft yeah I cant get on either it says still on 1.7.2
Andrew_8D it says still in 1.7.2
The Nexus MC is now on version 1.7.4!
The Nexus IP is
hartelcraft it says that craftbukkit isn't updated so I cant join
TheDestroyer I need hellllpppp
cupcake how do u get on the server plz help me
grizzly34   published The Nexus IP on News
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